Amazon API Project

This is an in-house project that we use as a framework to run our online eCommerce operations. We are sharing it with you, just because it's so cool!

This ever changing and growing project is very near and dear to our hearts. It began small and has snow-balled into a full fledged framework that we here at BearFace Headquarters use to run our Amazon business, and utilize as a starting point to build custom frameworks for other online sellers.

Amazon’s Marketplace Web Service (MWS) Application Programming Interface (API) is notoriously difficult to work with, and if you find yourself needing a program that makes your life in the world of online selling easier then we are the company you want to talk to.

In the very near future, we will also be releasing  a beta version of some in house web apps we use for our everyday business operations. These will be built utilizing a MySQL and PHP framework and will include free versions.